Benefits of Shower Stands

Shower caddies are a staple of many modern bathtubs today. Many shoppers may be left wondering if they actually need a shower caddy or if they are just another unnecessary expense. Shower poles for the handicapped are great for support and safety but sometimes you just need a reachable place to place your soap and shampoo. Here we’ll discuss the benefits shower stands offer, allowing consumers to make an educated decision.

Shower Stands Make Bath Time Enjoyable

Space is a commodity that we all wish we had more of at times. The shower is one of many places in the home that can become cluttered with the bath products we use, making for some pretty cramped quarters. Suddenly, reaching for your favorite conditioner becomes a hassle, perhaps even a danger. Slippery bathtubs can lead to falls and injuries when individuals reach for something that is out of their grasp. This danger is increased for the elderly or those with limited mobility. By adding a shower stand in your handicap showers, you can have all your bathing products like shampoos, razors, or soap in one location and not have to reach.

Shower Pole Caddy

Handicap Shower Caddies

A shower pole caddy is a perfect shower stand for shampoos, back scrubbers and loofahs. Something as simple as a shower pole caddy can help those, who are handicapped or limited in their upper mobility, by keeping the essential bath items well within reach. They reduce the likelihood of injuries due to reaching around in the shower. Additionally, having an uncluttered bathing area can enhance the relaxation and tranquility that is often associated with bath time. Keeping dangerous items, such as razors, on the top shelves of corner shower caddies can help keep children safe as well.

Low Maintenance Appeal

Shower stands are easy to assemble, inexpensive, and require practically no care after installation. Truly one of life’s small luxuries, they fulfill a genuine need with virtually no negative aspects. Shower stands can be made of stainless steel or plastic and have multiple tiers for storing all items needed in the bathtub. They assemble within minutes and don’t require much effort to keep clean. The stream of water from your handicap shower heads hitting the shower stand is generally all that will be needed to keep it clean. Wiping up any spills immediately and rinsing the shower stand will keep it looking like new for years to come. Shower caddies enhance the enjoyment experienced during bathing by making it easier to achieve a relaxed environment. They also enhance the safety of bathing making it an enjoyable experience for the entire household. Pair a shower stand with a shower mat for maximum convenience and safety for the elderly and disabled.

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