Handicap Shower Stalls

Handicap shower stalls are necessary for those confined to a wheelchair and those with limited mobility. Handicap shower stalls bring peace of mind to the disabled person and their family, and make it easy for the caregiver to assist in getting their patients into the shower. While a shower seems like a simple thing to the able-bodied, to the disabled, a shower is out of reach without the special accessibility of a handicap shower stall.

Depending upon your needs, handicap shower stalls can be fitted with different options to make bathing accessible again. Different options include shower ramps for wheelchairs and commodes; shower grab bars, wide seating areas and adjustable height shower heads. Most handicap shower stalls are also constructed with fiberglass, which makes for easy cleaning. There are no tiles to come loose or pose a risk to safety. Many handicap stalls also include a safety feature that prevents the water from getting too hot. This scald protection is essential for those with limited mobility. Any or all of these options can be added to the handicap shower stall of your choice.

When deciding on bath shower stalls, make sure to measure the installation area. Most are easily installed if they are prefabricated shower stalls but may require professional help if you opt for more add-ons such as a double door enclosure that allows wheelchair accessibility and guards against water splashes. Square shower stalls tend to have dimensions of 36 inches by 36 inches while rectangular ones can measure 70 inches by 38 inches.


Best Prices of Handicap Shower Stalls

Handicap shower stalls can vary in price depending upon the features required, but the price remains cheap and reasonable at $1500 to $3000. While there are some insurance companies who may cover part of this expense, you should check with your insurance provider before making any decisions. If insurance coverage is not available and the cost is out of reach, try looking for grants from local, state or federal government agencies or non-profit organizations.

Shower stalls for the handicap comes attached with shower accessories like brushed stainless steel grab bars and preinstalled holes for installation of handicap shower heads. Shower stalls are built with a slip resistant floor. Location of drains can be purchased for the center, left hand or right hand sides. Other options include removable multi-position shower seats and wheelchair barrier free access. In addition, if you are tired of the white or biscuit colored shower stalls, consider buying other color options like tea green, grey or almond. They are mostly constructed of bright and shiny high quality acrylic or fiberglass so any color you choose will brighten a bathroom.

Handicap Shower Information

Handicap showers are perfect for anyone wishing to get in and out of a shower with ease. These modified showers also make the bathroom safer and more comfortable for handicapped individuals as well as seniors. Eliminating the curb makes the shower floor even with the bathroom floor, allowing those with limited mobility to walk in and for those who require the use of a wheelchair, to be rolled directly in. Caregivers will effortlessly assist in shower transfers, thereby reducing strain for everyone and allowing for an enjoyable shower experience.

A handicap shower can be customized to the individual needs of the person. They are much larger than a regular shower and usually have a shower bench to sit on and supportive grab bars for people who have trouble balancing themselves. There are even optional shower stands that can hold shower heads, shampoos and other showering equipment. Since the handicap shower allows you to shower while sitting, this makes it possible for those that are unable to stand for long periods, the ability to shower. The shower fixtures can be custom fitted and located in the most convenient spots for wheelchair users.

Shower Installation Time

If you are using a prefabricated handicap shower, then installation can take roughly 2 days. This consists of removing your old tub and fitting your new shower to the old water pipes. With this handicap shower insert installation method, the shower would be about an inch or so above the ground and so you will need to install a shower ramp. Of course, the more individualized you want your unit, the longer it will take. If you want to install a floor level shower, (shower that is even with the floor and requires no ramp) you will need at least a couple of more days for pipe refitting. There is also a lot more work involved with floor level showers because shower floors areas must be also carved out.

Handicapped Shower Costs

Depending on the type and size of your handicap shower, you can expect to pay $700 to $1400 minimum. With a handicap roll in barrier free shower, the starting costs are about $2000, with fully accessorized larger ones costing upwards of $4000 in your existing space. It will cost slightly more in new construction as you will not be using any existing pipes or drains. When choosing your new handicap shower, be sure to get all the features you will need in a packaged deal, as this is, ultimately, the most cost effective way to get it done.

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