Shower Commodes

Shower commodes are movable chairs that allow the handicapped and the incontinent to take or receive a shower without concern about their incontinence or mobility issues. Shower commodes are rust-resistant and ready for transporting or self-maneuvering. They are also designed to fit over most toilet bowls or be used as a portable toilet with the removable commode pans.

Shower Commode Chair

At their most basic, a shower commode is a heavy-duty, but lightweight, chair mounted on rolling swivel wheels with a toilet-style seat. Typically made from stainless steel or aluminum, PVC models are also available. Various seats, backrests, headrests and levels of complexity exist, including tilting shower commodes, high back shower commodes, motorized and even portable travel shower commodes. Some commode models are stationary, for those who are partially mobile, but still need the protection from incontinence that a shower commode can provide. There are bariatric shower commode chairs that support the weight of heavier users and can be used without fear of breaking or being unstable. Mobile bariatric shower commodes with wheels can be a great assistance for caregivers who take care of heavy patients.

Many handicap showers offer a roll in design for shower commodes to pass over the tub curb. With a low curb, commode users can shower in their waterproof chairs and be transported easily.

Commodes are covered by Medicare but in the case of shower commodes, they are typically not covered. Companies may offer financing and grants on these products. Prices can range from 100 dollars to 3000 dollars and up for the motorized high end models.

To families and individuals who need them, shower commodes are a necessary part of their daily life. Due to the portability of commodes, they are favored over handicap shower benches or handicap shower seats. The more complex commode models allow for various levels of manipulation for those who have less control of their limbs or movement. Motorized commodes allow people, who cannot walk, the ability to take their own showers. Portable shower commodes allow families and individuals the chance to travel and stay in hotels without worrying about shower accommodations.

Handicap Shower Chairs

When we get older and the years add on, our coordination and balance may suffer. Additionally, disabilities or other handicaps can affect the strength in our legs. This can influence the ability to stand for long and even short periods. Activities like taking a shower, once taken for granted, are now difficult, dangerous and painful. Due to these problems, it is a good idea to invest in one of the many varieties of handicap shower chairs.

Handicap shower chairs are special chairs meant to sit in ones’ shower and provide a way for someone, who cannot stand in the shower anymore, to still get bathed properly without having to stand. You use a handicap shower chair by sitting in the chair and showering as you normally would. There are other sitting devices known by other names like the handicapped shower seats and the handicap shower bench. They are used in similar fashions but some are longer in size and can be folded away with ease.

Benefits of Handicap Shower Chairs

Shower chairs offer a number of benefits to people who have disabilities or who are not able to stand in the shower anymore. Some features that these chairs have is a hole in the center that can act as a toilet similar to a commode. A removable bucket underneath collects everything for simply disposal. You can have a place to sit in a shower with minimal or no installation.

Another bonus of a shower chair is the ability to sit down and scrub the soles of your feet. Some people attempt to stand on one leg when cleaning the feet and this can create a hazardous scenario. Having soap, a slippery shower surface and the scrubbing movements, together in a shower, can lead to nothing good. On a shower chair, the individual can stabilize themselves easily and remove any dangerous situations. There are also extended shower chairs that go pass the shower curtains and provide amply seating area for larger individuals. They can also be great for shower chair transfers. Adding a handicap shower chair is a great way to retain the ability to shower freely and privately while keeping you safe in the process.

Bariatric Rolling Shower Chair

Bariatric shower chairs are equipped with reinforcement frames and sturdy bolts on the seats for extra support. adjustable cushions. Most rolling or wheeled bariatric chairs have footrests and slip resistant handrails on the sides that can assist entry and exit. The seat widths are about 25 inches to 30 inches. They are generally made out of very durable stainless steel that can hold up to 700 to 1000 pounds.

Shower Chairs with Support Rails

They have rounded edges and some come with special grab bars you can grab on to for extra support if you need it. A handicap shower chair can provide you with the same sense of freedom you are used to having and allow you to still enjoy your shower without the assistance of others. For a smaller chair option, there are handicap shower stools that can fit most any tubs.

Shower Chair Prices

Handicap shower chairs vary in price depending upon where you purchase them and if they have the extra accessories. You can get a nice quality handicap shower chair for around $300 but the bariatric or heavy duty chairs will cost at least $700 to $1300. Some insurance companies may provide reimbursement for all of the cost of the handicap shower chair or a partial amount. You should contact your insurance company ahead of time to ask about what part they may cover if they do at all. If you have to purchase one on your own be sure to keep the receipt.

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