Bathtub Grab Bars

Installing bathtub grab bars is a smart safety measure whether or not a member of the household is elderly or disabled. Grab bars provide extra support in areas that are known for accidents such as the bathtub and other slippery locations.

A bathtub grab bar can make getting into or exiting from the tub or shower stall much easier; allowing a person to have a secure way to balance themselves while lifting each leg into the tub area. For individuals, such as senior citizens and those with a physical impairment, who can lose their balance easily, a bathtub grab bar offers a steady rail which can support a person’s weight. Adding a handicap shower chair nearby a tub grab bar creates a landing spot to be used as an additional steadying point.

Buy Recommended Clamp On Bathtub Grab Bars

Tub grab bars clamp on to the curb of the bathtub using a tightening design. The clamps are lined with rubber padding that will not put holes or scratch the surface of the bathtub. The tub bar works by twisting the large screw until it tightens. The grip of the rubber and the clamp keeps the grab bar safe and secure.

Bathtub Grab Bar Installation

Grab bars can be installed on the bathroom or shower wall so that the positioning can suit either a person desiring to grab the bar with their right hand or their left hand. Before deciding on a bathtub grab bar configuration, stand outside your tub and visualize the most comfortable position. Imagine where your dominant hand would be situated when entering the shower or bathtub. The dominant hand is the one you would use to steady the movements.

ADA for Grab Bars

Make sure the grab bars cannot rotate within their installations. There should not be anything sharp or abrasive nearby. Edges should be smoothed out with a minimum radius of 1/8 inches. Height of the grab bar should be 33 to 36 inches above the floor of the bathtub. With a customized installation of a shower grab bar, be sure to double check the placement and height most convenient for their personal use.

Permanent installations of grab bars should support at least 250 pounds of pull. These bathtub grab bars must be properly anchored into the studs located in the handicap bathroom wall. A stud finder and drill is necessary if you intend on doing the grab bar installation yourself. Concrete walls, fiberglass or hollow walls might require special instructions to properly anchor the bar securely in place.

A bathtub grab bar is just one of the ways to start ensuring your bathtub is a safer place. This is what you put in a bathtub that is slippery but it is only the beginning. For added protection and safety for the slippery bathtub floors, add a shower mat that is anti-slip, non-skid and can grip the floors.

Simple grab bars can cost $20 to $50 while higher end models cost between $75 and $100. Bathtub grab bars make an excellent, affordable investment in household safety and peace of mind.

Handicap Shower Grab Bars

Handicap shower grab bars are very important for persons with disabilities. Getting in and out of, showers and bath tubs, using handicap grab bars, not only make a person feel more confident, but they can make the difference in being able to shower or not.

A well placed bar will support a person as they move in and out of the shower. Additional bars should be installed inside the shower so they can be used while showering. They provide not only support but aid in transfers and shifting of the body while on a shower chair or if the person is using a wheelchair or shower commode.

Often family members, who share showers or bathrooms with disabled persons, find themselves using and enjoying handicap grab bars. They should be informed never to place towels on grab bars. Towel bars should be installed in a way that they will not be mistaken for handicap grab bars. Nor should handicap shower grab bars be used as towel bars as that would interfere with it’s intended use. Imagine using a grab bar as a towel bar rack and when you grab on, the towel removes the grip of the bar, causing you to slide your hand across. This can only lead to dangerous accidents. Use the handicap grab bars as it was intended and you will be safe.

Where should handicap grip bars in a handicap shower be mounted?

Grab Bars Placement

It is especially important that grab bars are placed in the proper locations, and at the proper angle. Angling the grab bars 45 degrees and placing grab bars out of towel reach are such ways. Folding grab bars can be lifted up and put away after use and can help in not getting mistaken as towel bars. Consult the person who will be using the bars as their preferences can differ from other people. Make sure they fit the guidelines of ADA shower grab bars.

Where Do You Put Grab Bars in a Shower?

You have to consider your own needs above all else. For private homes, you should install the shower grab bar where it is most convenient for your use. Most people place the grab bars along the walls parallel to the tub or shower, about 3 feet off the ground floor. Another way to position the grab bars is slightly angled and perpendicular to the shower. This grab bar placement allows for a wider height range of support.

When installing a grab bar for someone else, ask them what their preferences are in terms of location. Follow ADA guidelines if the location will be accessed by the public. To get more ideas and images on grab bar placement, check out the shower handrails section.

Grab Bars in Hotel Rooms

More often than not, hotel rooms and public facilities are equipped with grab bars. Rooms for disabled persons can be requested while making reservations. The recognition of this need has made traveling much more convenient, for the disabled and handicapped, than in the past.

Varieties of Shower Grab Bars

  • Stainless steel grab bars
  • Fold up grab bars
  • Suction grab bars – The main benefit of these suction grab bars is the ease of removal and ability to be placed anywhere that cannot be nailed into.
  • Plastic grab bars
  • Chrome grab bars – These chrome grab bars are available in angled, straight or a combination of both. Chrome decoration is a nice addition to a modern bathroom.
  • Brass grab bars
  • Angled grab bars
  • Heavy duty grab bars – Strong and durable grab bars that can support heavier weights. For these shower grab bars to be installed properly, they must be affixed to wall studs or other equally strong materials.
  • Bathtub grab bars – These tub grab bars are mounted on the curb of the tub and helps the user to get in and out in a stable manner. Most can be installed easily with a clamp or be screwed tightly onto the curb.

While usually not paid for by medical insurance, the cost of handicap shower grab bars is quite affordable. Many styles are available, and they are designed for ease of installation. A full bathroom can be equipped for around one hundred dollars if installation is done by the homeowner. When relatives and friends recognize the need they are usually always glad to help with cost and installation.

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