Bathtub Transfer Benches

The bathroom can be a hazardous place for those who have a balance problem or who find it difficult to get around the house. The fixtures that younger people take for granted, such as slippery bathtubs or low toilet seats cause many accidents for the elderly or others with physical limitations. Not all homes have accessible showers or even sturdy hand grips (grab bars) in the bathroom. There is a solution, however, in the form of bathtub transfer benches that make it easy for anyone to get into and out of a bathtub. Benches and shower chairs for bathing and showering come in many styles, from a simple chair to place in the shower, to a bench with a back that straddles one side of the bathtub.

Wide Transfer Benches

Wide transfer benches are made with a padded vinyl seat on sturdy aluminum non-slip legs that fit over one wall of the bathtub, so that two legs are inside the tub and two outside. The person wanting to bathe sits on the bench and can easily swing one leg into the tub and then the other leg, while staying completely balanced and safe from falling. Many individuals and caregivers feel a bench with a back is the safest of all, as the person can lean back against the support and feel even more secure.

Someone who is unable to spare the space for wide transfer benches in their bathroom can instead opt for bathtub mounted transfer benches with a swivel seat. They offer the same assistance, safety and support but without the extra legs sitting outside a bathtub.

The price range for transfer benches run from an inexpensive $50 all the way to $499 or more for a custom bench. Benches at the low-end are simple and sturdy enough to support at least 300 lbs. Those on the high end of the scale such as bariatric transfer benches can support up to 850 lbs., and will naturally cost more due to their durability and higher weight support.

Recommended Bathtub Transfer Benches

Most people want to remain independent as long as possible, and bathroom assist products help them to do just that. Some people find it embarrassing to ask for help with bathing, and if he or she can use a transfer bench safely, that independence can be extended indefinitely, making a great improvement in the person’s life. When it finally becomes necessary to have a caregiver, the transfer bench will still be one of the best safety tools in the bathroom.

Shower Stools For Seniors

As a general rule, people of all ages are more comfortable in their home than anywhere else. This is especially true of seniors. The aging process often takes a toll on one’s body and certain adaptations may be necessary in order to make the home a safe and comfortable environment. Safety in the bathroom is a major concern.

One of the most important steps toward creating a safe environment in the bathroom is the addition of shower stools. The simple addition of a shower stool will enable a person to maintain a level of independence for a longer period of time. By having bath stools for seniors, a safety shower mat, and some shower grab bars, the bathroom becomes much more accessible and safe.

When purchasing a shower stool, you need to be certain it meets ADA guidelines. These guidelines are designed to insure that the stool is durable. The stool must be installed properly in order to provide the maximum amount of safety. Instructions should be included with the seats that indicate proper installation in accordance to ADA specifications. It is definitely important to check the maximum weight capacity the stool is designed for.

Buy Shower Stools For Seniors

  • Gray Shower Stool with Backrest – This shower stool has great reviews and supports a lot of weight. It is durable and quite affordable.
  • High Shower Chairs – These hip chairs are much higher than normal shower chairs to make it easier to sit and stand up from a seated position. Great for someone with partial or total hip replacement, arthritis, or knee surgery. The seat height is adjustable from 25 to 28.75 inches. Weight capacity of 250lbs.
  • Padded Shower Chairs – Padded back and padded armrests provide comfort when sitting. Extra suction tips on the legs of this chair help with a wet shower area.

You want to purchase a shower stool that is mildew and corrosion resistant. Most stools are white and have stainless steel frame and legs. With some styles you have the option of choosing a cushioned seat which can vary in color. Design styles vary. You may prefer a very simple fold up stool that attaches to the wall and can be lifted up when not in use. Or, you may find that an L-shaped wall mounted shower stool addition is best for your needs. The L-shape seat can be installed in a left hand or right hand design.

Shower stools can actually be an attractive addition to a shower. Anyone of any age could find them a very convenient addition to the shower. Teak wood or Brazilian walnut seats give a shower a spa-like appearance while providing safe seating in the shower. Shower stools are not only a safety feature but they are a convenient accessory for anyone.

Wall Mounted Shower Stools

In an age of technological advances and breakthroughs, sometimes a simple idea turns out to have the greatest impact. For those that are disabled and the elderly, wall mounted shower stools can provide a level of independence at the most basic level.

Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, these stools can accommodate not only the disabled, but those who are recovering from an injury, and even those that just have a hard time getting around. Many models can be folded up shower stools and be placed out of the way of others and then used as a handicap shower. They also work for the bathtub environment as wall mounted handicapped bath chairs.

The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 requires equal access to facilities by those with disabilities. Hotels, nursing homes, assisted care facilities and hospitals are the types of places that must conform to the regulations. Shower compartment stools, l-shaped stools, wall mounted shower chairs and rectangular stools all have specific dimensions that must be adhered to. Most manufacturers are aware of these specifications of wall mounted shower seats for the handicapped. They were designed with the accessibility and comfort of the user in mind.

Buy Recommended Wall Mounted Shower Stools

  • Wall Mounted Shower Seat – Affordable white wall mounted shower seat that can support up to 250lbs. Fold up the chair once you are done with it. This is the white chair you see to the right.
  • Teak Fold Out Shower Seat – These are limited supply wall attached chairs. It is wood attached to wall stools that are made of solid Brazilian walnut wood. Seat width of 18 inches that easily folds up against the wall out of the way.
  • Wooden Bath Seat Wall Mounted – These are wall attached chairs. Beautifully designed teak wall mounted chairs that supports 300lbs. See the image below. Teak is a natural wood that is resistance to bacteria and rotting. This is a nice wall mounted transfer seat that fits conveniently in even the smallest of shower stalls. It will last for many years in a wet environment.

Shower stools can provide a measure of dignity otherwise unattainable for a disable person. The basic act of being able to bath oneself facilitates a measure of mobility that would otherwise require assistance. Many people would rather not have this kind of assistance, and are able to avoid it with the safety of a wall mounted shower stool.

Using a wall mounted shower stool allows the disabled to be more independent. It is also useful to those that may be recovering from an injury and would otherwise not need any assistance. For those that are unable to stand for long periods of time, a shower stool can be more of a necessity than a helpful accessory. When placed close to the entrance of a shower stall, it can be a wall mounted shower transfer bench.

In the home or at a place of business, a wall mounted shower stool is convenient, unobtrusive, and for the disabled, an invaluable tool.

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