Shower Accessories For Disabled

The safety of a shower can be increased with the addition of a few shower accessories. Adding safety features to a shower can enable a person to retain their independence. In addition to being helpful to people who are disabled, items such as shower wands, shower seats and long shower hoses can be helpful to the elderly and to anyone who is recovering from physical injury. These shower accessories can bring a person back to the normal routines that were once taken for granted.

Shower Wands

There are numerous affordable accessories for a shower. Some shower wands allow you perform all the hygienic acts like shaving, wiping your backside, applying lotion even if you are unable to reach those areas. There are also long shower hoses in varying styles and lengths if you are sitting down on a shower seat and need that extended shower hose. And then there are shower wands with a long neck that come with a variety of features including spray pattern options and pause control buttons. All of these items make showering much easier for a disabled person.

  • Multi-Use Hygiene Wands – You can wipe, wash your back, scrub your back, shave, wipe your bottom, and apply lotion with this one single device.
  • Long Shower Hoses – Extend the reach of your shower hoses so you can sit down and spray your body.
  • Long Neck Shower Wands – Get more grip and reach with these shower wands.

Shower Seats

A shower seat is a very beneficial accessory for the disabled. A shower seat and a shower wand make a very accommodating combination. Shower seats are made in a variety of designs and also constructed of various types of material. You can easily find sturdy, inexpensive shower seats and benches that meet ADA guidelines. For a more attractive option, there are teak seats designed to fold when not in use. This might be a desirable option for a shared bathroom.

It is important that a shower area be made as safe as possible for those with disabilities or for senior citizens who are trying to live independently in their home. Grab bars and non-slip shower mats are excellent safety features.

Long Reach Back Scrubbers

Back scrubbers are quite helpful to people with limited mobility. They come in a variety of styles including those with long handles and back scrubber sponges with loop style handles. You can even indulge in a little self pampering by purchasing a dual purpose back scrubber/massage combination.

Handicap shower accessories for the disabled allow them to be more independent which in turns keeps their self esteem and confidence level higher. It is important that the accessories be durable to assure safety. Check the quality of construction and know the weight limits items such as benches and chairs can support.

Foot Scrubbers For Your Bathtub

It can be dangerous and uncomfortable to wash and exfoliate your feet in the bathtub and shower. Standing on one foot is hard enough but add in a slippery tub and it is simply an accident waiting to happen. Luckily, there is a perfect solution, bathtub foot scrubbers that scrub your feet.

When your feet hurt or have overgrown calluses everything is uncomfortable. This easy product will massage tired and achy feet while it cleans them. Just make sure that the suction cups are securely in place and this is a safe and effective cleaning tool.

They are feet scrubbers that have a sandal shape and act like grass bath mats that do the work while you shower. All you have to do is add a little soap to the bristles and run your feet across them. You can say goodbye to built-up calluses and dirty feet. All these options are soft against your feet while providing a way to clean the sides and soles of your feet.

Foot Scrubber Bath Mats

Foot scrubber bath mats are easy to store when you are not using them. Simply suction them to the side of the shower and they will stay dry and clean until the next use. Scrubbing your feet does not have to be expensive. They range in price from $10 to $25 depending on brand and style. Children love the novelty of these scrubbing bath mats. They will use and enjoy them with little encouragement.

There are a few different kinds but they all use the same general principal of suction cups and gentle scrubbing action. Here are a few recommended bathtub foot scrubbers.

Recommended Foot Scrubbers

The great thing about these handy scrubbers is that they work well for people with limited mobility. Arthritis and the loss of flexibility that comes to everyone once he or she gets a little older can make feet washing uncomfortable. This fantastic new product makes personal hygiene much easier. They are also easy to install and use. Simply place them on your bathing floor or next to your shower mats and rinse, scrub and exfoliate away.

Bathtub Transfer Benches

The bathroom can be a hazardous place for those who have a balance problem or who find it difficult to get around the house. The fixtures that younger people take for granted, such as slippery bathtubs or low toilet seats cause many accidents for the elderly or others with physical limitations. Not all homes have accessible showers or even sturdy hand grips (grab bars) in the bathroom. There is a solution, however, in the form of bathtub transfer benches that make it easy for anyone to get into and out of a bathtub. Benches and shower chairs for bathing and showering come in many styles, from a simple chair to place in the shower, to a bench with a back that straddles one side of the bathtub.

Wide Transfer Benches

Wide transfer benches are made with a padded vinyl seat on sturdy aluminum non-slip legs that fit over one wall of the bathtub, so that two legs are inside the tub and two outside. The person wanting to bathe sits on the bench and can easily swing one leg into the tub and then the other leg, while staying completely balanced and safe from falling. Many individuals and caregivers feel a bench with a back is the safest of all, as the person can lean back against the support and feel even more secure.

Someone who is unable to spare the space for wide transfer benches in their bathroom can instead opt for bathtub mounted transfer benches with a swivel seat. They offer the same assistance, safety and support but without the extra legs sitting outside a bathtub.

The price range for transfer benches run from an inexpensive $50 all the way to $499 or more for a custom bench. Benches at the low-end are simple and sturdy enough to support at least 300 lbs. Those on the high end of the scale such as bariatric transfer benches can support up to 850 lbs., and will naturally cost more due to their durability and higher weight support.

Recommended Bathtub Transfer Benches

Most people want to remain independent as long as possible, and bathroom assist products help them to do just that. Some people find it embarrassing to ask for help with bathing, and if he or she can use a transfer bench safely, that independence can be extended indefinitely, making a great improvement in the person’s life. When it finally becomes necessary to have a caregiver, the transfer bench will still be one of the best safety tools in the bathroom.

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