Handicap Showers

Handicap accessible showers are a luxurious way to transform your showering experience in the bathroom. A handicap shower can create a handicap accessible environment and allow you to shower independently. This is how you can create a private and personal shower for the disabled. There are many handicap shower designs to choose from as well as a wide array of handicap shower accessories.

Customize your shower to fit your exact needs. Continue researching to find the best prices on handicap showers stalls, grab bars, stools, seats and wheelchair accessible bathtubs and showers.

Not only are bathtubs for seniors easier to get in and out of, but they provide a whirlpool feature for massaging body aches and pains.

Wall mounted shower stools can provide a stable resting area and be folded up against the wall once you are done.

By adding a shower stand in your handicap showers, you can have all your bathing products like shampoos, razors, or soap in one location and not have to reach.